Blaine for the Better

Infrastructure Investment

  • Promote greater focus on pedestrian infrastructure to include: walkways, bike paths, and sidewalks to foster a safer community.
  • Focus on ensuring our city streets that are in disrepair gets the appropriate attention and that city streets are monitored appropriately to not allow city streets to again fall into disrepair.
  • Expand infrastructure focus to include but not limited to: broadband access, electrical improvements, and updated piping and sewage systems.
  • Advocate employing local workers and unions allowing reinvestment into the community.
  • Advocate for a city-wide plan to track and update roads, buildings, or other infrastructure to ensure no corner of Blaine is left behind.

Bringing Jobs to Blaine

Effective Use of Tax Dollars

  • Advocate for preventive rather than reactive policies thereby saving taxpayers money.
  • Focus on using tax dollars to tackle the source of an issue rather than its symptoms.
  • Ensure that our city’s budget focuses on helping the people above all else.
  • Bring attention to veterans issues within Blaine. As a veteran myself I offer a unique perspective to bring these issues to light.
  • Develop a plan to assist veterans in mental health, health care, and transitioning to civilian life (i.e. building a satellite office for Veterans Affairs (VA) and a Veteran’s Service Office (VSO))
  • Strive to build a Blaine that not only welcomes its veterans but does not condone issues that impact them or the people in which they took an oath to serve.

Veterans Issues